Viktor Dittrich

Born in Vienna, Viktor Dittrich has risen rapidly to the top of the European commercials industry with a style that focuses on beautiful photography and an approach to visual effects so seamless that even the most complex digital sequences are often mistaken as having been created in-camera. Along with his unique ability to create performances that communicate simply and elegantly, he’s a consummate storyteller who clearly understands the art of narrative, whether the characters are trained actors, real people, or beautiful automobiles.


Dittrich began his career in commercials and short films in the late '80's as an editor and postproduction supervisor. By the early '90's, after cutting spots for many of Europe's top directors, Viktor embarked on his own directorial career, first with a now famous campaign for then ‘up-and-coming’ designer Helmut Lang, and in '92 with his short film on child abuse which went on to win Silver at that year's New York Film Festival.



Wake Up

Two Sides

Time Machine