Todd Bellanca

Todd's career spans commercials, music videos and features. He excels in various arenas, creating compelling stories and captivating images with intriguing and authentic performances. Immediately after film school, Todd began directing and shooting music videos, landing clips on MTV's 120 Minutes, Yo MTV Raps and Head Bangers Ball. Todd's commercial portfolio consists of hundreds of spots, dozens for global brands like Nike, Tecate, Ford, Miller Lite, Burger King, American Red Cross, Burton, Sharp, Dannon, Sears, JC Penny, Norelco, Pixar and Disney, among others.

Expanding to features, Todd began writing, producing and eventually directing an Indie boxing film. "The Bad Penny" was honored on the festival circuit with several Best Picture and Best Director Awards. Acquired by Arc Entertainment, it was released theatrically, securing broad international distribution.

Long form or short, Todd creates striking visuals while motivating memorable performances. Whether directing real people or established artists, he has collaborated with a vast spectrum of talent, ranging from cinema legends, Hollywood mainstays and iconic television celebrities, to sports stars and influential musicians.

Whether a project requires intimate dialogue, sweeping cinematic vistas, gritty action or nuanced vignettes, Todd delivers content that is dynamic, provocative, exciting and entertaining.



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