June 10, 2018

Lux Content Turns "Rust To Gold"

Lux Content and Todd Bellanca team up with New York band, Council to produce a music video for their track "Rust To Gold"

Earlier in the year, NBC had licensed the song by the new Alternative-Pop band, COUNCIL, for use throughout the Winter Olympics.  The anthemic track was first used during the opening ceremonies and broadcast to over 350 million viewers worldwide.

As the summer approached this determined band of brothers continued going for the gold, having their talent showcased on countless shows and again used in sports arenas around the globe.  With a second wave of viewers the trio of siblings and their record label, ESM, engaged Lux content and music video director Todd Bellanca to produce a powerful performance video.  Simply put, "...we wanted a real performance, high octane energy in a cavernous space -- lights, movement and music..." said the Reeves brothers in unison, "...and man, we got it"

The video was shot and completed just in time for the frenzy of the WORLD CUP -- and now with the start of the NFL season, this epic anthem could prove to have amazingly athletic legs!